Lets Pray For Our Brothers & Sisters In Christ

  • Healing

    Goodnight people of God I am requesting prayer for healing from the herpes virus. Thank you in advance.

  • Healing

    I'm seeking healing, please say a short prayer for me.
    I have a swollen forehead with small marks on it, the doctors don't know what's causing it.
    I have red, irritated and dry eyes that needs to be completely restored.
    Most importantly, I'm in need of spiritual healing.
    I want a pure and thankful heart instead of the anger and pride inside of me.
    Thank you

  • help,

    Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,pray for my brother Heikkis life and his Childrens thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  • Help,

    Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims,pray for my eyes sight too thanks and bless,keijo sweden


    I need my thyroids and my throat to be healed

  • pet home

    please please pray for dog Frodo to get a dopted very soon or he can be eutjhnased in the shelter. thanks

  • Prayer Request

    Dear Prayer Warrior,
    I am asking for prayers in removing the negative spiritual blocks that are blocking me from receiving any form of help, healing of my arthritis and the severe inflammation of my joints, strengthen my immune system, strengthen my lower back and stop my hair from falling out and to grow. I recently filed a claim to receive a monetary settlement. Please pray that I will receive it. Now I’m waiting on a response from the lawyer’s office.
    I also want my son to move out as soon as possible because he recently came into a lot of money and needs to get out and immediately sever ties with a female who is endangering his life by poisoning him through food.
    I’m requesting prayers on these issues.

  • Prayer Request

    Dear Prayer Warriors,
    I am requesting prayers for help in removing negative blockages in all areas of my life. I am spiritually being blocked from receiving help in any form and many blessings that are to come to me. I live in an area where a lot of spiritual warfare is still going on. I need prayers to remove the negative blockages that are preventing me from getting jobs, obtaining many opportunities, improving and obtaining my personal fulfillment, mental focus, peace within, financial improvement, discernment and receiving my inheritance that my dad left for me and my mom. He passed away in 2007. We are to receive money and his property with a house sitting on it. We have been expecting the money since he died but haven’t received it yet. We know we are to receive it. Also, I don’t have a job right now and this has caused me to become financially challenged. I have a student loan that I haven’t paid on in months. I have applications in but no one is calling. My job situation has been going on for over 3 years now. I am financially hurting right now. I need prayers to help me with this.
    I also want to ask for help in stopping my hair from falling out, heal the inflammation of the arthritis in my joints and a new mayor for the city of Thomasville, AL. I am requesting prayers for these issues.

  • Prayer Request

    Dear Prayer Warriors,
    I am sending this letter in hope of getting as many prayers sent up as possible. I am trying to write this letter in a way it will be most effective when you read it and why I am asking for prayers.
    I am a big believer of praying. So many prayers have changed my life for the better. I would like to get some prayers passed around for other people who may be going through situations out of their control.
    There is a lot of negative energy in and around this area here in southwest Alabama as well as other places. It is affecting people on their jobs, home life, and in relations with other people. Energy affects us in so many ways that we don’t sometimes recognize or realize. Whenever positive energy is present, good will manifest and good vibrations will flow. Negative energy can and does attach to a person’s energy field which can cause illnesses, block blessings, frustrations, distort thinking, keeping people stuck in old patterns and multitude of other problems. A person’s aura can contain negative energy which will block spiritual clarity and distort a person’s normal function. I’ve heard several people say that when they go to a particular store or area it gives them an uncomfortable feeling once they get in the place. When bad energy attaches to places, it can slow down progress and also cause many problems in that area. A lot of businesses would thrive and function better if the energy was good.
    I also would like to talk about people who use wicked devices (hoodoo, spells, dolls, etc.) to hurt other people. I’ve known people to burn strange stuff and the smoke would go all over the neighborhood and leave a bad energy. When the energy set in place, it causes bad things to happen, vegetation won’t grow and strange spots appear on shrubbery and trees. I have personally witness this myself. Some people have trouble obtaining gainful employment because a trick has been put down to trouble a person from getting a job or have a romantic relationship with someone or a spiritually stable life. The church I was attending had members bringing spells into the church to put on certain members causing them to become sick and not attend church. This happens a lot in the Southwest Region of Alabama. Our yard has very low energy in certain areas of the property I can tell by the slow growth of vegetation and strange spots on the bushes. I live here in Thomasville, AL and this area needs prayers to remove this bad energy.
    Here is something else I would like to ask for your help. We have a relative living here at the house who recently came into over fifteen thousand dollars. He was suppose to be buying himself a trailer to move into but he is doing the opposite. He personally told me he was going to get his own place. Now, he has mostly blown the money on frivolous stuff. Repaired this girl’s car he is messing around with. We recently found out that she has been putting poison in his food and is controlling him. Her name is Dominique G. He came down sick awhile back and was off work for days from eating her cooking. But he doesn’t think she is doing anything to him. This is usually the response you get from a person who has a spell on them. She has brought a spell to our house which is causing dissension among our family members. My mother and I have tried to get him away from that girl and get him some help. It is proving difficult to carry this out. He needs to sever his ties with this person immediately. We don’t want Dominique to come to our house anymore. This is not a joke. We desperately need prayers for this situation.
    I would love to have a job at home using the computer so I can help my mom out. She is elderly and I am the main care giver. I don’t where to look and what company to choose. I am asking for prayers on this as well.
    I have another request. Just the other day, I found out from my mechanic that my engine in my car is gone. I now need another engine but I don’t have the money right now and I don’t have a job. I use the car to take my mother to the doctor, pay bills and to buy groceries among other things. My mom doesn’t drive because her eyesight is poor. Please ask on my behalf for help in getting another engine and also enough to pay for the engine and labor costs.
    I am requesting prayers for these issues because they are affecting me and my family. Please print this out and add this letter to your prayer altar.

  • Prayer Request

    Please Pray...I'm 46 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name