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It's Our Anniversary!


October 2023 marks a momentous occasion in the life of the First Tabernacle Church family. This year, we celebrate 125 years of sharing the love of Christ and the light of His Gospel with our community and world. In the last 125 years, so many triumphant and tragic events have transpired in our world, and yet, Jesus’ message in Matthew 16:18, “upon this rock, I will build My Church, and the gates of hell, will not prevail against it”, still rings true as we march unflinchingly into what promises to be a bright future ahead. Anniversaries, be they personal or communal, present us with opportunities to celebrate how far we have come. As we reflect on the number of people introduced to Jesus through this ministry and the countless families who have called Tabernacle home, we have much to celebrate! Anniversaries also present us with moments of introspection that require us to recommit to our call and to the process of becoming all that God wants us to be. Though we have come far, we yet have so much to accomplish on behalf of the King and His Kingdom.

As a church, our pattern is Acts 2:42-47. While the first church did not have buildings, budgets, or the other accoutrements of the modern church, it possessed the presence of God in an undeniable and transformational way. After Peter’s Pentecost Sunday sermon, 3,000 people were saved. What a miracle! However, one of the most significant parts, I believe, was not their conversion, but how they continued. These believers were devoted to teaching (discipleship), community (fellowship), communion, and prayer. These disciples were faithfully and actively pursuing their purpose as the Church and because of it, verse 43 says they witnessed signs, verse 45 says they had substance, and verse 47 says they witnessed more salvations.

I know you may be intently pursuing your purpose as an individual, but do you see yourself working toward the common call of God for our Church family? Are you faithfully sitting under teaching? Do you practice community with other believers? Are you regularly reflecting on what Jesus has accomplished for you through His cross? Do you gather with the church during our corporate times of prayer or are you praying along with the entire church that God would work out His purpose in and through us? We will only accomplish God’s purpose with collective pursuit! Let’s determine to be all that God has called us to be so that we can see the promise of salvation realized in our families, among our friends, and in the world around us. And as we pursue the call, may the favor of the Lord be upon us!


Pastor Andre

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